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Enterprise Integrated Warehouse Management System.

Enterprise Integrated
Sales Force Automation System.
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An effective sales force, needs to be the main artery of your company.  Information needs to flow from your customer to your sales force and from your sales force to every team in your company.  This information and knowledge needs to be managed properly for any company to succeed. That is why better sales force automation tools are absolutely critical to your success.

Managing your pipeline has never become easier when using eiSFA!

eiSFA will improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity and profitability of your company. The benefits include:

  • A highly effective and efficient sales team working in “lock-step” with the rest of the company to successfully service the customer.
  • Great pipeline management for Sales people, Sales Managers and Executives to keep the “pulse” on current and future sales.
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Complete 360 degree view of the customer

Our eiSFA product not only automates, regulates and assists the sales representatives in their daily routines but also integrates seamlessly with the other applications within the company.   The product includes:

  • Basic Lead, Account and Contact Management
  • Manage Pipeline/Opportunities
  • Sales forecast management
  • Manage Activities, tasks and calendars
  • Proposal/Quotation Management
  • Metric Reports, Customized Reports and Dashboards
  • Marketing management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Salesforce Commissions Reports
  • Order and Invoice tracking

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